Senior Adults

We're very active here at Saint John’s, regularly serving others and enjoying fun, food and fellowship.

Monthly Activities
Day trip or Theater Visit
A variety of activities at varied times.
Transportation is usually on the church bus or by carpooling.
There is usually a small charge; payment is usually to
St. John’s UMC for both bus and activity.
Meals are paid for individually.
For more information see the church newsletter or
 flyers in the Gallery and on bulletin boards
Games Day- Room #201
From 9:30 am - 12:30 pm on first Thursdays
A variety of table games are played
Favorites are Chicken Foot, Mexican Train and Rumi Cube.
Drinks and Refreshments are shared, but there is no charge.
Movie Morning - Room # 208 or #211
From 10;00 AM - 1:00 PM
(Location depends on how many sign up in the gallery.)
Some movies are new and some are classics.
There is no charge; popcorn & lemonade are also free.
It is an option to bring a sack lunch to eat after the movie.
Look for information about the movies in the gallery and in our church newsletter.