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This Week's Prayer List


Decenber 11, 2014 

Saint John’s Staff and prayer group members pray for these people every week. We encourage you to also include them in your prayers. To have your prayers of joys and concerns added to the list, please submit them in writing to the church office, or by email to  Please include your name and phone number. Our receipt of all prayer requests confirm the individual’s approval to appear in our online newsletter, unless otherwise noted.

Deaths: Tina Bauguess passed away December 1; Memorial Service is Saturday, December 13, 1:30 p.m., at The Renaissance of Austin.

Hospice Care: Mildred Keithly, Lenora Lane, Bill Underwood, David White 

Prayers and Concerns

Saint John’s Family
George Ball
Alex Brock 
Geraldine Bryan
Faye Byers 
Liam Collier
Jennifer Collins
Genny Dalton
Diecke (Jay-kay) Clinic
Karsyn Eubank
Gail Fuller & Carrie James
Tricia Garrett
Superiya Gray
Michael Harlan
Glenda Harlow
Rev. Bill Harris 
Mike Harris
Roy Harris
Chris Johnson
Ollie Jones
Audrey Lanier
The Lemen family
Kathy Lynd
Jim McCutcheon
Sue McMullan
Xander Millard
Richard Moree
Alan Morris
Ina Orum 
Maverick Pendley
Please note: Above prayer requests are listed for one month and then automatically roll off, unless you request otherwise. If you know of a listed concern that no longer needs our prayers, please let us know. 
Military Service: Captain Luke E. Barber (Gwen Sederholm’s grandson); Bryton Bingman-Tennant (Georjean Blanton & Mike Renquist’s godson); Shea Browning (Faye Byers’ great grandson); 1st Dan Cohen (Carol Curry’s nephew); Paden Harris (Roy & Cathy Harris’ grandson); Tech Sgt. Chad Knox (Lynn Lindsay’s nephew); SSG (P) John M. Lewis (Nona Gold’s great nephew); Alexandria Ogg (Elissa Kloppe’s cousin); Sean Pavelka (Kim Graley’s cousin); SSGT Hans Pugh (Tim Pugh’s son); Cpl. Peyton Sackett (Randi Wardian’s friend); Col. Kenneth Tovo (Kathie Tovo’s brother); Tyler Wilkins (Georjean Blanton’s great nephew); 2nd
son); Scott Zaleski (Judy & Cy Zaleski’s son); Megan Montgomery’s husband Mark.Lt. William Severin Witte (Rebecca Witte’s