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Interfaith Hospitality Network is just one of the many ways to volunteer at Saint John's.
What is church?

Is it inside a building? Does it happen on Sunday morning?

Sure, but church is also much more. Church is getting out in the community, feeding the hungry, furthering equality through social action, or cycling for a cause. Sometimes church is the willingness to learn, work, solve, and build across barriers and borders.

Through risk-taking mission and service, Saint John’s invites you to rethink church.

We are inspired by Jesus’ grace and love to embrace charity and justice initiatives. Saint John’s has a place for you to get involved.

A blessing in the United Methodist Church is our connection to each other. Through the church, we are 12 million strong and when we work together we can make a difference. This connection links Saint John’s to congregations, schools, hospitals, disaster relief sites, and people in need here and all around the world.

If you are new to Saint John's, we welcome you! As a means of exploring your own journey of faith and service, please take a few minutes to complete a brief questionnaire. You'll find the link below. After you've submitted the form, someone will contact you to answer your questions or discuss ways in which you may serve others.

If you are already involved at Saint John’s, please check the boxes of ministry for areas in which you are already participating as well as ministries where you are interested in learning more.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Hilary Marchbanks, Director of Missions. 

CLICK HERE to take the Saint John's Connections questionnaire.