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Our history

Our History
Saint John's United Methodist of Austin is a vibrant, growing church with a long history. In the middle of the last century, a small group of visionary Methodists looked far beyond the boundaries of the Austin city limits of the time. Drawn to a section of farm land ripe with corn and sunflowers, they envisioned a sanctuary for worship, children learning the stories of faith, youth being helped to navigate those turbulent years, and all people being welcomed, loved, and cared for. They invited their friends and neighbors to join them in creating a new church home.

After a brief start on Burnet Road in 1948, the fledgling congregation purchased the current Allandale property and began construction. Over the ensuing decades many have found Christian community in and through Saint John's, spreading God's love through mission and service both here in Austin and around the world.

In 2002 the church underwent extensive renovations, and since then we've continued expanding into additional properties purchased across the street.

In 2004 discussions began among church leadership, new members, long-time members, and friends of the church regarding what these different groups were looking for in a congregation and the extent to which Saint John's was addressing those aspirations. Emerging from those discussions was a new clarity regarding the church’s identity and purpose, expressed in the Saint John’s mission statement: We are creating a community where God’s love changes people and God’s people change the world.

New people of every age and background continue to join hands with long-time members in worship, study, and service at Saint John’s. Today the congregation continues to offer an open house to the Austin community, a place of worship and serving where God's love changes people and God's people change the world.